About The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving is our fundraising event that promotes the understanding that generosity to those less fortunate nourishes the human spirit, enriches our lives, and transforms our community. For decades, Trinity-by-the-Cove has been raising money for Collier County Charities. Each year
100% of the net proceeds raised by the Art of Giving remain in Collier County; our Grants Commission has an extensive process to review applications from local charities, including followup to ensure that funds are used appropriately. Our focus this year will be Mental Health, Shelters, and Exceptional Services, such as Guardian Ad Litem, the David Lawrence Centers, Youth Haven and The Shelter for Abused Women & Children.

Connecting your Love and Care to Local Charities

This year the charities we support will be addressing a wide range of needs for mental health Collier County. With the Grants Commission already convened and ready to being their ministry in the fall, you will hear their stories and their thanks as you reach your arms of love out into our Collier
County Community by sponsoring this year’s event. You have made a big difference and your generosity will never be forgotten. While these past years have been difficult with Covid-19 pandemic, the needs for mental health care and exceptional services as we face continuing challenges will be life saving. Your support for your neighbors in need in Collier County will help ease the burden that many face and save lives.

Broad Reach

There are numerous charitable causes in Collier County. By sponsoring The Art of Giving your charitable dollar has a broad reach. The grant process will review applications from at least a dozen charities with parishioner teams visiting and interviewing each charity. The charities in this year’s cycle will provide much needed services to people with mental health needs or need for exceptional services.

Prudent Stewardship

Our event is intimate and engaging, and our good work in the community is making a difference. The Art of Giving series experiences no administrative cost—that is provided by Trinity-by-the-Cove. By celebrating on our Port Royal campus and waterfront, we are able to keep our expenses down while offering an elegant evening of music and fellowship.